In 2009 Brandon Duncan legally established *FIERCE YOUTH OUTREACH*as a gang prevention ministry with definite goals of remaining self supporting. To never be diverted or involved with fundraising.


tenn grafitime and tyler youth outreach

FYO was founded with firm plans to remain self supporting, never to be involved with fundraising

Lives being touched by the LOVE of JESUS, hearts of stone being replaced by hearts of flesh beating to LOVE and serve. The transformation that His LOVE does for the least of us is the most beautiful and ultimate thing to see or experience.

Nearly killed at four and a half by a car, body cast, having to learn how to walk all over. Mental health battles and exposure to violent abuse and crooked authority figures all before age of nine.

Before turning sixteen Brandon become an addict, heavy drinker and thief, arrested for burglary, DUI and possession leading to three failed attempts at drug rehab. Bold,desperate and out of control he physically assaulted a drug dealer taking money and drugs.

Carried a gun for awhile thank God he didn’t hurt any one or himself, sold that for cocaine.

Facing time in a boys home with no options, he was sent to a mental institution for an evaluation resulting in 21 hours strapped to a bed for breaking rules there. Brandon soon left home, started traveling with a group of professional phone pro’s who trained him in the art of fast talking manipulation.

In those days the least he made was three seventy five cash in a week, most was almost 1700 in a week, with average between six and seven weekly .Still couldn’t save money though because his hunger for drugs, women and drink were out of control.

Right after turning eighteen he was sent to IOWA to manage his own phone room and as a promoter would earn 32% of every dollar brought in. The previous year this deal brought in 165,000 within 6 months.

Six weeks there and arrested for assaulting a Wendy’s employee, flipping a rental car then smashed a car he loaned from a local woman he has met. There sheriff in charge came and ordered him to leave town threatening if he was there in 24 hours, that he would be buried under the jail.

Jersey to California, Florida and Canada, ripping and robbing all the way, shortly after turning twenty he was arrested for a DUI and held without bond because the licenses he carried was not his.

Less than 72 hours later, cops excitedly informed him that he wanted in Virginia for burglary, armed robbery in Wisconsin and credit card fraud in Florida. He was only held there for a DUI so the state of Virginia sent two other their finest to extradite him back to serve a four year term for burglary.

Just 15 or 20 minutes from Fairfax Virginia was Washington DC, the states murder capital in them days. Which meant population inside maybe 10% white, 5% Asian, another 5% from places like Trinidad, Jamaica, the remainder 80 % were mainly all black gang banger’s from DC and the surrounding area.

Fairfax county jail stood six stories tall, almost two blocks wide. Non violent offenders and those who avoid violence and infractions, they are housed on the first floor. If a man fights, he gets ten days in the hole, and moved to the next floor up. Anyone sentenced to four years or less remains right there in the jail.


Brandon got a smart law clerk to educate him about a motion that would give another state 6 months to come and extradite, hold court and convict, or the charges would have to be dropped. Of course it took at least 6 months to get the motion filed.

Nine months waiting for Wisconsin gave Brandon the opportunity to adjust to this new way of life where he would be a target remain a target simply because he was out numbers, young and not affiliated with black gangs.

After being jumped twice by 2 and 3 of them, he knew the only defense he had for survival was an absolute willingness to be the first one to inflict violence. Moving up from floor 1, 2, 3, then 4. The higher up he went, the more violent life become.

Virginia courts were killing people with the death penalty so as Brandon battled his way up one floor to the next, he earned himself a spot in the midst of killers who faced the death penalty. Straight animals with nothing to lose. More than half of them were capable of rape if they could knock you out.

Trustees delivered chow on metal trays handing the trays through the slots in the door, almost daily the bully’s would grab two or three trays and many of the weak one’s would just go lay down hungry.


One day Brandon was late getting to the door and of course his tray was taken. he had watched for days though and knew who snatch trays. He dumped all the food onto one, placing the tray under the other.

Brandon would have used that tray as he did just weeks early he used his own tray to beat a dude for farting while he was eating. Jerry curls were popular at that time so with two hand fulls of hair, Brandon beat his face into the steel table, almost the guy was close to passing out and blood everywhere, finally guards got there and took Brandon to the floor.

Fear can be a life savor to those willing enough to attack the fear before the threat arrives. The guy was huge and all muscle bound, fearing he would get hurt, he couldn’t stop beating him until he was certain he was safe.

Shortly after the first attack by 2



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Thirteen years inside with two more to serve, he found himself directly in a situation that could force him to stab a man simply to avoid his own death. Then guards come to his cell, looking in through the open bars they shout,

“Duncan, your dad died, you going to hurt yourself or anyone else?”

Brandon’s entire body went red hot, he felt the evil within, anger, grief, pain, guilt, shame, fear, it hit him like tornado wind, all he could see in his mind was murdering that threatening man before he’s the one that get’s killed.

Just a few short moments later Brandon was on his knees crying out to JESUS, begging Him to rip out his hardened heart of stone, remove the evil nasty that consume him for so many years and help him to know peace and love like one should.

His greatest fear was not violence or death, he was scared of himself, if he murdered a man, he would never get out. His mind went to that ugly place often and finally he surrendered.

Standing up from the cold cement floor, he felt absolute peace and comfort, like he truly knew the presence of the LORD was there with him in that moment. Seem like hours pass and it had only been forty minutes.

Prior to arriving at the walls (MSP) he went through some mental anguish as a result of detoxing medications adding hate and anger to that he ticked like a bomb.

Gang banger wanna be mouthed off to me as we walk into our dorm from chow.. That joint had doors with knobs that we pulled shut to lock ourselves. He mumbled something else, I seen red and went flying up them steps into his room slamming the door behind me.

Brandon box both him and his cellmate for what seem like hours until guards open the door and broke it up. Brandon took more lumps than he gave but he was still standing when staff arrived.

Revealing this only because Brandon transferred to the walls and because of that bold move of locking himself inside a cell with two banger’s, administration red flagged him as unstable.

That scuffle actually become a blessing, he was given a single cell at the walls.  Four tiers up and facing the Mississippi River,Brandon spent a many hours looking through the bars of his cell as he watch barges going to up and down the river. moberly


Blessed with a divine connection with an anointed man of God who has served the least of us for 40 plus years, Brandon finally felt accepted and loved by his brethren. Pastor Dave Fogderud welcome him with open arms and listen to his vision and he was the only one who didn’t give reasons that such visions cannot come to pass.

Pastor Dave introduce Brandon to a reporter suggesting that he go public with FIERCE YOUTH OUTREACH visions and plans. The interview exposed Brandon’s criminal history and he thought that may hinder community reaction being positive.

The phone started ringing the very next morning as the papers hit the streets.  Single parents requesting to introduce their out of control teenagers to Brandon for a good talking to.

Chief of police, group home administration, school staff, members from other churches, they all wanted to meet and talk about Fierce Youth Outreach plans.

The hand of GOD open door after door, Brandon was allowed to preach and share testimony at church social event’s, youth group studies, alternative schools in Rockford Illinois and Janesville Wisconsin.