Meet Brandon Duncan

Brandon Duncan is a christian youth speaker, intervention specialist and the founder of Fierce Youth Outreach.

Brandon works close with communities to inspire positive change in youth crossing all cultural and economic backgrounds. he affirms and demonstrates that God is calling all of us to excel and live an abundant life, not just a select few.

Brandon works with professionals advocates, parents and community leaders, one-on-one,or in group settings,and uses several social media avenues as a means for continued training and preparation work.

Brandon survived a near death experience at age 4 and expected to never walk again, he was later labeled with mental health issues and by age 14 he started battling addictions.

God was calling Brandon from early childhood, planning to use Brandon in a mighty way, giving him the strength and will to keep pushing even in the darkest of hours.

Brandon testifies and shares real life circumstances and situations of God’s presence and healing that is available to all us if we really seek Him.

Brandon’s passionately driven message is about positive life change, healing and REDEMPTION, how each one of us has our own special gift and calling. Most important, that JESUS loves each and every one of us, and wants to be the power living inside of us that empowers and strengthens us to live an abundant life.


To  book Brandon for an event or a consultation, (608)201-9329